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    • KrassMass has written a new post "Looking for a good EU VPS hosting for Streaming Live" 09.24.2019

      Libertyvps.net and rockhoster.com VPS solutions are worthy.
      Great hosts with fast servers and fast network connections. Very helpful and friendly support.

    • KrassMass has written a new post "I need KVM VPS account in India - any good offers please?" 09.24.2019

      Use VPS accounts from QHoster.com and Legionbox.com.
      Awesome service, can't be faulted. Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. A pleasure to deal with. High quality service I've not experienced elsewhere. 110% highly recommended.

    • KrassMass has written a new post "TOP web hosts in Netherlands?" 08.29.2019

      Go to hosting.uk and hostplax.com.
      The best and most reliable providers.

    • KrassMass has written a new post "TOP EU web hosts for getting shared hosting accounts? " 08.29.2019

      I want to say that libertyvps.net is not the only company to sign up with, check out deals from avansit.com as plans are full-featured and low cost.
      The combination of quality and cheapness makes them attractive for the greater part of the web masters.

    • KrassMass has written a new post "What hosting provider is better for running asp.net site?" 08.29.2019

      KVChosting.net and hostingsource.com can be good for you.
      Support staff is knowledgeable and very fast to respond.
      Servers have good performance and aren't overloaded.
      Resources are known and not oversold.

    • KrassMass has written a new post "Good shared hosting with servers located in Canada?" 08.28.2019

      QHoster.com and oissite.com are good enough to sign up with.
      These guys provide fast international network, friendly technical support and 100% customer satisfaction.

    • KrassMass has written a new post "Linux VPS deals with SSL Certificate?" 08.01.2019

      Oissite.com is not the only company which is able to meet all your needs, check out deals from hosting.uk as their plans are full-featured and cheap.
      They are, quite simply, the best. All questions are thoroughly answered by knowledgeable professionals and, believe it or not, they get back to you when they say they will.

    • KrassMass has written a new post "Need VPS in France with DDoS Protection" 08.01.2019

      You now Rockhoster.com is not the only company which is able to meet all your needs, QHoster.com is worth your attention due to their top-notch services.
      Their teams and their supervisors receive word of the excellent customer service they provide. Your staff's tech expertise, response times, communication skills and respectful manners set you leagues ahead of your competitors.

    • KrassMass has written a new post "SSD VPS to buy for hosting a forum .... " 07.04.2019

      Hostsailor.com and asvhost.com VPS accounts are the best in the whole IT world.
      You need to choose a host that offers a good combination of features and reliability at an affordable price

    • KrassMass has written a new post "Which VPS would you advise me to try? " 07.04.2019

      The best and most reliable VPS deals are available form hostingsource.com and kvchosting.net.
      All packages are excellent value for money and are backed by supreme uptime and speedy and knowledgeable customer service; whenever I have a problem - which is rare to occur - or question, a live representative is generally online to help me out instantly.

    • KrassMass has written a new post "Believe someone will help me to choose the right web host!?" 07.03.2019

      You may have quality services from time-tested companies like QHoster.com and Legionbox.com.
      They rock:
      1. speedy servers
      2. very responsive sales and support team
      3. features are not too restrictive (like max upload file size)
      4. competitive price... So far I am very glad I am with them now.

    • KrassMass has written a new post "Affordable Windows VPS hosting services?" 06.06.2019

      Have a look at deals from rockhoster.com and libertyvps.net.
      Customer support is top and always correct. Speed is ok. The back office is nice to work with and clear.

    • KrassMass has written a new post "Reliable offshore web hosting service?" 06.06.2019

      I'd draw your attention to services from HostingSource.com and QHoster.com.
      All the components are perfectly matched, they harmonize with each other without any performance losses. These are ideal conditions for reliable server operations , optimal security and the highest availability.

    • KrassMass has written a new post "Hosting with stable servers located in Europe?" 06.05.2019

      The best European server providers are: hostsailor.com and asvhost.com.
      They have been extremely responsive (usually answer service requests or trouble reports in less than an hour) and you really feel how they put an effort into doing a good job. Good support and responsiveness are really priceless, so take this advice: never shop for low price when picking a web hosting provider.

    • KrassMass has written a new post "Dedicated Server Netherlands required" 05.07.2019

      Hostsailor.com and hostround.com servers are worth trying as they are considered to be the best in Europe.
      The features provided are excellent and the prices competitive.
      Excellent customer service, literally minutes to reply. From a month of experience, the servers have never had connection issues. Sometimes speed seemed to get stuck for 1-2 secs, could be my side though.

    • KrassMass has written a new post "Affordable VPS is looked for ... " 05.07.2019

      These hosting providers: HostingSource.com and QHoster.com are worth trying.
      We love their services and technical superiority of the persons who solve problems. They deserve five stars.They are really good.

    • KrassMass has written a new post "VPS in Europe " 05.06.2019

      I vote for legionbox.com.
      Their Support is excellent. They solve any hosting related problem within while you are chatting with them.

    • KrassMass has written a new post "Swiss VPS ... where to have it from? " 05.06.2019

      Accounts from libertyvps.net and hosting.uk are worth trying.
      Their speed of hosting is good. Services are really good. I advise to use them as your hosting provider.

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