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    • Strong-tech has written a new post "VPS to buy for hosting a forum ..." 10.31.2019

      Why not to give hostforweb.com a try?
      With this web host I feel like I have hit the ground running in setting up my website. Tutorial videos are always a good idea. Recommended!

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "VPS with included DDoS protection " 10.31.2019

      It seems to me that Kvchosting.net will work fine for your needs. Chat support is very fast and helpful. I never found a better cost/performance ratio..recommend!

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "Low-cost dedicated server required" 10.31.2019

      So it took over 3 weeks to find the most reliable web host on the net, it is Centohost.com without any doubt. I was a bit hesitant, but after reading customer hosting reviews, I gave them a try. Their sales rep was responsive, I told him my requirements and he offered me the best hosting fit for my needs.

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "Server with included DDoS protection " 10.30.2019

      Pretty good offshore server hosting deals offered by warez-host.com team. Server locations: netherlands, sweden, russia, bulgaria.
      Their rates are really affordable and you really should take a look at them if you want to create a site or transfer from an old host!

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "VPS in Europe ... " 10.30.2019

      Luckily I stumbled upon QHoster.com in a web search for the best mambo/joomla hosting provider. The things I like about them are: full of available scripts, 99.9% uptime, fast servers host.

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "Right server to sign up with? " 10.30.2019

      I have been happily hosted with Hostingsource.com now, support is great, the servers are excellent and the price is... well.. it speaks for itself!
      The hosting package is coming with a bunch of free software, like 1- Click WordPress installation and unlimited databases.

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "VPS which is good for hositng a forum " 10.03.2019

      Rockhoster.com pricing is less then market price compared to other hosts that offer the same features which is nice to know you're saving money.
      The features are the best part because you get Cpanel which is my favorite control panel compared to like exim or plesk which were the only options at my old host.

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "Germany dedicated Servers - any recommendations?" 10.03.2019

      I know cloudarion.com provide an excellent service. Very helpful and flexible when setting up and managing websites. Couldn't be happier!
      Uptime has been nothing but the best and definitely lives up to their 99.9% uptime guarantee.

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "TOP web hosts in Europe ?" 10.02.2019

      Why not to give Hostunmetered.net a try?
      There's a great balance between price and quality. They have a very good support and respond fast to support tickets. I also like that they are open and honest company that keeps to its promises. They never misled me, unlike other web hosts I used did before.

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "Help me to make a right choice ... " 10.02.2019

      Just ordered my second server from Kvchosting.net and see no reason to look elsewhere.
      I have saved hundreds of $ by choosing this web host compared to going with another web host with some expensively licensed control panel.

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "I need KVM VPS account in India - any good offers please?" 10.02.2019

      I must say that Hostnamaste.com is reliable place to order web hosting plans, their cPanel makes life easier for website owners offering nice tools to help me to perform tasks easy and reliably. The speed is amazing, very reliable, the support is fantastic (we needed a server reset, they done it within 20 minutes), the price is great!

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "Need powerful server with up to 3 TBs of HD" 09.05.2019

      Nice server hosting deals offered by Hostunmetered.net team. Check out their unmetered servers - pricing is normal. They have DataCenter in the UK.
      I've had my website with them for a number of years. It's solid as far as being up and running at all times.

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "Linux VPS deals with SSL Certificate?" 09.05.2019

      Take a look at Cloudarion.com VPS hosting deals. You can't ask for more than that! And they are willing to help you out in any way they can.

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "What hosting provider is better for running asp.net site?" 09.05.2019

      I can recommend Hostnamaste.com to all webmasters. Uptime mostly at 99%, there maybe some few downtime but I understand that no providers can actually guarantee a 100%.
      They usually reply 5-10 minutes after you submit your ticket with a logical answer. Can't ask for more...

    • I really appreciate all Kvchosting.net help in getting and keeping my sites running. They've been like active partners in my sites. Response time was okay.

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "Looking for a good EU VPS hosting for Streaming Live" 09.05.2019

      I have no hesitation in recommending Exmasters.com to all webmasters looking for professional web host for streaming Live. Will continue to use their service for as long as physically possible.

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "Need VPS in France with DDoS Protection" 09.05.2019

      I am very pleased with the customer service that Rockhoster.com web host provides. I accidentally registered my domain name with wrong spelling. They were able to correct that very effectively the next day without having to charge me anything.

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "cheap vps deals in Europe?" 09.04.2019

      I always look for a few things: Reliability, Support/Knowledge, Price - you get what you pay for really. Try considering Legionbox.com VPS deals - pricing, features are unique. Good luck!

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "VPS which is e-commerce friendly ... " 09.04.2019

      I would normally look for in below order:
      Support (Technical support is very important), Value for Price (you will get what you pay for), Uptime, Reliability!

      Taking the advantage of the opportunity can recommend Nextpointhost best forex vps deals - Their servers overall are fast and the features are practically endless.

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "Good shared hosting with servers located in Canada?" 09.04.2019

      They helped transfer my account and provided reassurances of better service.
      I'm paying half of what I was paying at my other host! Canspace.ca places high value on customer support and it shows.

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