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    • Strong-tech has written a new post "Low cost service ... " 03.16.2020

      The big thing for me is the uptime, and reliability, alongside good prices (in comparison with quality) and I also like to see some good support just for peace of mind.

      Highly recommend vpsblocks.com.au VPS hosting solutions to anyone! Fantastic host. Very prompt and thorough. I can't imagine being happier with a hosting service.
      Special: 30% OFF FIRST ANNUAL* - 30% off your first annual or semi-annual payment. You can save hundreds. Code: VPSHOST30

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "Which SSD VPS is the best to sign up with? " 03.16.2020

      I would normally look for in below order:
      Support (Technical support is very important), Value for Price (you will get what you pay for), Uptime, Reliability!

      Now I am happy running my sites at kvchosting.net SSD hosting account and can highly recommend them to others.
      Server uptime 99.99% and support i rarely use it since i am an experienced webmaster.

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "Good web host in Thailand?" 03.16.2020

      I appreciate thaihosting.asia quality of service, from the reliability of their servers to their live chat support, and enthusiastically recommend them to my clients and colleagues.
      They were able to correct that very effectively the next day without having to charge me anything.

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "Which VPS is better to sign up with? " 03.16.2020

      I am constantly impressed with the support offered by hostingsource.com staff - day or night, they stick with you until the question is resolved.
      I Saved Big on Hosting - 50% off 1st month on all Servers/VPS plans. According to my experience, this hosting provider has been rock solid from the beginning.

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "Need a reliable shared hosting account ... " 03.13.2020

      Can add hostforweb.com server uptime and overall speed performance are outstanding and consistent.
      I'd recommend them quite highly if you're looking for reliable host along with helpful support team.

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "Server in Europe ... " 03.13.2020

      I'm happy with cloudarion.com hosting service. They are far and away the best. I've gotten very quick and very good response on the few occasions I've needed support.
      Have to rely on their tech support to set up certain settings, but they are very willing to do so, and they do it promptly upon request.

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "KVChosting.net vs Lusovps.com " 03.13.2020

      I recommend kvchosting.net provider! I paid via paypal, they helped me with everything I needed. Reliability has been 100%. Speed connectivity is pretty fast. Very Good Experience.

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "Any good server hosting provider? Server location - Mexico" 01.29.2020

      I transferred my domain once I realized that digitalserver.com.mx is a good web host, I didnít realize what I was missing.
      Their support team made the transfer so smooth and my services were never greater! Very straight company, Iím very satisfied and Iím convincing friends to make the move too.

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "Do you know anything about Hostnamaste.com web host ? " 01.29.2020

      Would like to say hostnamaste.com offer nice Cheap Shared Hosting solutions in India, Europe and USA.
      It is an excellent Host, they willing to help their customers, you can always rely on them, we been with them for almost 8 months.

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "affordable hosting packages and also reg domains?" 01.29.2020

      I love the prices. The server was down for about 15 minutes one month. That's pretty good up time!
      I have two domains hosted at kvchosting.net and just renewed both for a third year after looking around for better deals and, as usual, finding none.

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "Offshore server in Netherlands required" 01.29.2020

      One thing I must say about warez-host.com offshore hosting is that they have excellent customer service.
      I've had my website with them for a number of years. It's solid as far as being up and running at all times.

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "VPS which is affordable for my modest budget ... " 01.28.2020

      Just started with vpsblocks.com.au VPS hosting - and I am impressed from the start. Great tools, easy to use with intuitive video training available. Highly recommended.

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "Swiss VPS " 01.28.2020

      I just recently moved to swissnode.ch vps switzerland web host. Special requests have always come through quickly and gracefully. As long as they stick to their guns on not overselling their servers, I don't think I'll ever be looking for a new web host.

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "Shared hosting to sign up with " 01.28.2020

      After one month of using the VPS server I must say I'm impressed with QHoster.com web host. Response time on tickets is fast, needed a few times some help and they fixed everything for me.

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "What VPS hosts do you know?" 01.28.2020

      I would recommend cloudarion.com hosting service to everyone!
      I love working with the support team! I always receive professional help and thanks to them there aren`t any bugs.
      They answer super fast and they really help when i need.

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "Need help to choose a good host in Europe: Rockhoster or Libertyvps?" 01.28.2020

      I have been using Rockhoster.com hosting for some time now and I'm more than impressed with the speed of my websites.
      They are also cool for running Joomla sites. When I was asked to create a web page for a friend I went straight to this web host and I will continue to both use and recommend them to everyone.

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "What hosting provider would you choose? Why? " 12.26.2019

      Why not to try Hostnamaste.com website hosting services?
      Their support answered all my questions completely and without hesitation. Reliability has been 100%. Speed connectivity is pretty fast.

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "Shared account which is user-friendly ... " 12.26.2019

      ==>> give VPSget.com a try ;)
      Their support staff were so kind, and even transferred my existing reseller at no charge. Their pricing is cool. Recommended!

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "cheap VPS hosting accounts, where can I order them?" 12.26.2019

      I used the Code: VPSHOST30 and got 30% off my first annual payment.
      My only regret is that I didnít come across vpsblocks.com.au sooner! I am looking forward to a long established relationship with your business.

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "Shared account which is forum-friendly ... " 12.26.2019

      Whatís your hosting budget?

      Nice shared hosting accounts offered by hostingsource.com professionals.
      Their website is professional and straightforward; they report the facts clearly and intelligently.

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