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    • Strong-tech has written a new post "What hosting provider would you choose? Why? " 12.26.2019

      Why not to try Hostnamaste.com website hosting services?
      Their support answered all my questions completely and without hesitation. Reliability has been 100%. Speed connectivity is pretty fast.

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "Shared account which is user-friendly ... " 12.26.2019

      ==>> give VPSget.com a try ;)
      Their support staff were so kind, and even transferred my existing reseller at no charge. Their pricing is cool. Recommended!

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "cheap VPS hosting accounts, where can I order them?" 12.26.2019

      I used the Code: VPSHOST30 and got 30% off my first annual payment.
      My only regret is that I didnít come across vpsblocks.com.au sooner! I am looking forward to a long established relationship with your business.

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "Shared account which is forum-friendly ... " 12.26.2019

      Whatís your hosting budget?

      Nice shared hosting accounts offered by hostingsource.com professionals.
      Their website is professional and straightforward; they report the facts clearly and intelligently.

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "Powerful server for Live Streaming?" 12.25.2019

      They are offering Double RAM or HD space with any VPS or dedicated plan (using code "dbram" or "dbhdd").
      Exmasters.com have fantastic prices on their hosting packages, their tech support is friendly and reliable, and the features available in the user control panel are nothing short of unbelievable.

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "Good server for high traffic websites?" 12.25.2019

      I have been doing business on the internet for roughly 8 years and have gone through numerous hosts and hostunmetered.net is the ONLY one I would recommend.
      They also allow integrated email communication with their support tickets which is a time saver.

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "Any reviews on Centohost.com web hosting services?" 12.25.2019

      Centohost.com is the best choice I've ever made for web hosting solution and domain name registration.
      On top of reliable and fast servers. The hardware is the latest in cpu's.

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "managed dedicated web hosting packages?" 12.25.2019

      I am highly confident in kvchosting.net service. I have clients who have had their website hosted with a different web hosting provider and when their site was down, not working correctly, or had a hosting question.

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "Need more info ... " 11.29.2019

      Nothing bad about the host you are asking about, but I'd rather prefer to choose time-tested and reputed web hosts like:
      Inmotionhosting.com, Rockhoster.com and LusoVPS.com - What is so important is you always experience you are not alone dealing with customer or tech support.

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "Server which is good for hosting a forum ... " 11.29.2019

      Give my VOTE for kvchosting.net provider. It is great! What I want to recommend to others is, their customer service.
      Every time I got some questions, I ask them online, no waiting times, there is always someone waiting there online to help us, it's just amazing. Thank them a lot.

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "Australia web hosting with 0 overselling?" 11.29.2019

      Think it will be a good idea to deal with local web host in Australia - it is Vpsblocks.com.au (it has quite a good reputation in the hosting services market).
      I was happy to use the coupon: XMAS and got 20% off payments forever on new VPS orders. Valid until January 1 2020.

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "VPS account to buy from a right provider ... " 11.28.2019

      Try considering HostPlay.com offshore VPS deals. They are offering nice coupon codes now: https://www.hostplay.com/hosting-promotions.php
      Really great service! It's unbelievable to get such great service at such a cheap price.

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "Shared account to buy " 11.28.2019

      ==>> you can trust Hostforweb.com and their team. I would recommend this host to anyone who asks me for quality, cheap web hosting.
      Their support team are more than great, I even asked them to change the bill due-time and they did without any extra charge. I will never ever switch from them.

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "Professional Adult VPS hosting in Europe please? " 11.28.2019

      Reliability has been 100%. I'm actually in the works of transferring all my websites to Exmasters.com web host. I will be keeping as a customer with them for years to come!

      Highly recommended.

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "What can you say about Cloudarion.com dedicated server hosting service?" 11.28.2019

      Like many webmasters have pointed out, Cloudarion.com has provided excellent and reliable service. Customer support has been extremely fast and helpful.

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "VPS to buy for hosting a forum ..." 10.31.2019

      Why not to give hostforweb.com a try?
      With this web host I feel like I have hit the ground running in setting up my website. Tutorial videos are always a good idea. Recommended!

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "VPS with included DDoS protection " 10.31.2019

      It seems to me that Kvchosting.net will work fine for your needs. Chat support is very fast and helpful. I never found a better cost/performance ratio..recommend!

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "Low-cost dedicated server required" 10.31.2019

      So it took over 3 weeks to find the most reliable web host on the net, it is Centohost.com without any doubt. I was a bit hesitant, but after reading customer hosting reviews, I gave them a try. Their sales rep was responsive, I told him my requirements and he offered me the best hosting fit for my needs.

    • Strong-tech has written a new post "Server with included DDoS protection " 10.30.2019

      Pretty good offshore server hosting deals offered by warez-host.com team. Server locations: netherlands, sweden, russia, bulgaria.
      Their rates are really affordable and you really should take a look at them if you want to create a site or transfer from an old host!

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