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    • Zero has written a new post "How do you find the best keywords to use in an ad?" 12.12.2017

      The best keywords are ones relevant to your topic. (Or even somewhat related. Like a site about food that posted an article on oranges might be able to use a keyword of apple because it's a fruit also.) If you try to throw a bunch of things in there that aren't connected then you won't really benefit from it. Search engines, like Google, have gotten pretty good at determining whether a keyword matches site content or not. So trying to fool them isn't going to work very well. And even supposing you did, they update them enough that any gains would be short lived at best.

    • Zero has created the topic "Game Consoles?". 12.12.2017

    • Zero has written a new post "[F4LT] Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Beginner's Guide " 12.12.2017

      Essential oils can be pretty useful.

      Apparently spiders don't like the smell of peppermint... (I'd bought some peppermint essential oil with the idea of using it to keep cats out of a certain area but it didn't work. I did find however that it killed spiders. Found a few of them dead after putting the oil down. Put more down in a bathroom and sure enough, more dead spiders.)

    • Zero has written a new post "[ FREE METHOD ] GET 30000 Targeting Visitors" 12.12.2017

      Any time there's a claim to get a huge increase of traffic/follower/whatever it's usually bots. Which might help look good for a short time, but ultimately it's really not going to help. As stated by Mrpanda, they're likely just bots. But bots don't really help improve actual onsite activity. (At worst they spam sites and aggravate admins.) Plus most sites don't need huge numbers of hits but rather a few good people to help build activity up naturally.

      Even if you've got ads up and are looking to make money, bots usually aren't good here because they don't click things. They might not even have javascript on so they might not be counted. Or the ad program may even recognise they're bots and adjust for them.

    • Zero has written a new post "Can i bypass instagram 600 followings limit" 12.12.2017

      Again, never used instagram, but it's likely comparable to what Twitter has. Where you have to have a certain number of people following you before you can follow more people. (On twitter it's 5000 followers before the ratio kicks in, but you can only follow up to 1000 per day before getting kicked for being spammy/abusing the system resources.)
      It may also have to do with account age too. New accounts are likely to have stricter limits than older ones (to prevent abuse by spammers).

      I could also see there being limits on how many times you can follow/unfollow people just to prevent issues there.

      So in other words, just give it time... keep posting and it'll unlock slowly.

    • Zero has written a new post "Google Is Hiring 10,000 Reviewers to Clean Up YouTube" 12.12.2017

      As much as this sounds like a good job, you can bet this would be extremely boring. There's a reason they're trying to train AIs (the machine learning they mentioned).. it's dull to catch this stuff. Plus the number of people uploading content is far outstripped by the people uploading. And people can upload way more/way faster than the people reviewing it.

    • Zero has written a new post "Where to get artwork and logos for site?" 12.12.2017

      Sometimes you can get good stuff from Google. But make sure that when you're searching you go to the advanced settings and have usage rights set to either "use/share, even commercially" or "use/modify/share, even commercially". Any other setting aside from those "even commercially" ones, for a money making perspective, can land you in some hot water. (It's pretty easy to get slapped with a Digital Millennium Copyright Act letter telling you to pull stuff down.)

      If you want custom stuff, Fiver is probably a good option. Though you might want to consider looking on the software maker's website. Sometimes they have theme designers or graphic artists nearby there that take commissions. (Just be prepared to pay a bit more for their work.)

    • Zero has written a new post "Beware the illusion of fast money" 12.12.2017

      It's quite unfortunate but too many people get caught in the trap of making money quickly. I've watched people do the same things over and over again yet not learn the root problem. It's not so much that blogs or forums can't make money... but they take time and effort. You can't just make a site, slap up 50 ads and call it a day. No one will visit a site like that. No one will click those ads. (Hell, nowadays many people run adblockers because the level of ads has gotten too crazy.) And it's made worse because when their site inevitably fails they go right back to do the same thing. People, who may have helped before, see it happening and won't help out again.

      The real way to earn money via forums or blogs is:
      Content + dedication + restraint on ads = potential earnings.

    • Zero has written a new post "[F4LT] How To Choose Your First Programming Language! " 12.12.2017

      The best way to determine a starting language is to look at what you're planning on doing with it.
      If you're looking for web development then going with PHP is where you're going to want to look. If you're looking for desktop application then c++ is likely where to start. I wouldn't recommend starting with HTML or CSS because honestly they're extremely simple languages so they can be picked up quickly. Also it's kind of better to learn how to do things via a hard method first so you get into good habits right away rather than rely on rather lax standards. (What I mean by that is PHP won't even let you try anything if there's a single error. HTML will still work, but it's just not going to look right.)

      I'd recommend avoiding Java unless you have a very specific need for it. There doesn't really seem to be a huge call for Java anymore.

    • Zero has written a new post "Google analytics is too complicated!" 12.12.2017

      Google Analytics has come quite a ways since it originally came out. They have some nice graphs and charts which show you the breakdown of a specified time period. (I like the option to show year comparisons.)
      A good way to learn is to go slowly and read the tooltips and menus. They'll show how to get most stuff done. Though admittedly a lot of the details don't matter until you link in an adwords/adsense account to combine analytics with expenditures for ads and income.

    • Zero has written a new post "How to Start SEO on a New Website ?" 12.11.2017

      I'd say that for a blog you should have at minimum 10-15 well made articles. (By that I mean at least 250 words, few to no spelling mistakes, decent syntax use, etc...)
      For a forum you'll want probably 100 or so posts. (On forums though you'll want to keep the number of sections you have down though. Too many sections makes a site look dead/less active.)

      I'd also suggest having no ads at first to get some visitors coming in. (People hate ads, more ads means more people are going to click away/close tab.)
      From there look to affiliating with some sites in the same genre. Perhaps do some guest articles for other sites (if they'll let you link back to your site in the process).
      Maybe ask friends to comment on the blog/reply on topics to help bolster activity so it's not just you.

    • Zero has created the topic "Best plugins for blogging?". 12.11.2017

    • Zero has written a new post "Facebook for marketing? " 12.11.2017

      I suppose facebook could be useful. I've personally never used facebook due to some pretty sketchy stuff that went on a while ago. (A guy bought a million people's details for like $5.) I'd also heard they made some changes recently that reduced the effectiveness of advertising on facebook unless you were spending a fair bit of time or money.

      So I'm not saying to avoid facebook, just be ready to put the work into it and don't expect miracles.

    • Zero has written a new post "Which search engine gets the most traffic?" 12.11.2017

      Without a doubt Google gives the most. I've seen Bing a few times, but it's considerably lower than Google. (The vast majority of North Americans seem to use Google almost exclusively.) Baidu is mostly by and for Chinese users, so it's unlikely to ever see much there. (Especially for me since I blocked China anyway.) Though I do see them trying to crawl/access constantly...

    • Zero has created the topic "Beware the illusion of fast money". 12.11.2017

    • Zero has written a new post "Where to get Free Ssl certificate" 12.11.2017

      You can probably use Let's Encrypt.
      I'm not 100% certain if you can use them on shared hosting (if it has a fairly recent version of cPanel then very likely) though you might be able to but have to manually renew each time... So it's better if you have a VPS. (Which you definitely can on VPS. You can even have a cron job set to auto renew the certificate without having to deal with that.)

      Just for a heads up though if you have to manually renew Let's Encrypt certificates, you need to renew them every 90 days.

    • Zero has written a new post "How to get more visitors without spamming" 12.11.2017

      Like others have said, good quality content is the first thing to do. Without it no one really has a reason to visit a site. It's also a good idea to have a fairly unique theme for your site. I know there are plenty of quick slap in premades... but loads of people use them and it doesn't really distinguish your site.
      It can also help to have SSL on your site. (People tend to trust sites with SSL more because it means the site is who it claims to be. Plus, from what I've heard, Google ranks sites with SSL slightly higher than those who don't have it.)
      Having an active presence on social networks can help too. But you have to maintain those pretty regularly and you don't want to overdo the promotion of your site on them because people tune that out pretty quick.

    • Zero has written a new post "How to Increase Instagram followers and Likes" 12.11.2017

      Full disclosure, I don't know much about instagram. I don't use it so I don't know exactly what its limits or capabilities are.

      Constantly post interesting content is probably the best way. No one wants to follow an account if they feel like they're getting advertised to. A good rule I heard (from reddit I believe) was to have less than 10% of your posts be about promotion. 80% should be your own new content and the final 10% should be sharing things others have done.

      Also it's important to note that getting more followers takes time. Have to keep at it and push through even if it doesn't seem to be working.

    • Zero has written a new post "How to block spam traffic?" 12.11.2017

      Block an individual IP isn't that effective since spammers can change IPs so quickly. In many cases it's better to block entire regions. I know this sounds cold but there are some countries which have high spam volume with relatively low levels of traffic to English language sites. Countries like Russia, Iran, Afghanistan, China, etc...

      I think they're pretty safe to block because the odds of affecting a legitimate individual are pretty low. (Especially for China because they monitor the net so heavily there and anyone wanting to get outside has to use a VPN anyway so it'd look like they're from another country to begin with.)

      Now to actually block regions if the software you're using has a plugin that can do that, it's best to use that. If they don't have one but you have htaccess then you can get the IP ranges for that country and post them in there. (Just make sure you look up how to edit htaccess first to ensure it works properly.)

    • Zero has written a new post "black hat problem" 12.11.2017

      In many cases you probably don't even need to report them because Google's systems are fairly good at detecting black hat techniques as is. (Things like link stuff doesn't work as Google already penalizes that.)

      If there is an actual case of bad black hat SEO techniques employed then you can use their spam console to report them.

      Be careful doing this though as they tend to take these reports kinda seriously. So only submit one if you actually have some proof.

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