#1 Any good e-shop in Europe for buying toys ? by Steerock 23.07.2020 04:34

Decided to make a notion on the best e-shops available in Europe for buying toys: cars, trucks, Aricrafts, etc.
Any info on rckane.cz e-shops and their cars? What car can you recommend me to buy for my son's birthday?


#2 RE: Any good e-shop in Europe for buying toys ? by Graiman 10.08.2020 02:18

If you ask me, I am impressed with Durable gray medium-sized RC aircraft 2, 4 Ghz with flight stabilization offered by rckane.cz e-shop in Europe.
The aircraft is made of durable EPP material, thanks to which it becomes durable and flexible in the event of an impact. The model is controlled by a 2.4 GHz dual-channel transmitter and is very easy to use, thanks to the integrated gyroscope , it flies perfectly straight, even when the wind is blowing.

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