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The difference between ThinkPad T410 and ThinkPad T400 Computers Articles | May 2 Womens Vic Beasley Jr Jersey , 2016

This article is mainly talk about the difference between T410 and T400, and you can view this article to learn more about these two laptops if had ever use it or use it now.

Compared with the previous T400 series, T410 change is two parts or even many parts, the first is the hardware platform fully upgraded to the new Core platform 32nm process. Secondly, the change of appearance make this product looks more like T400s upset version. And more humanized performance upgrade, allowing users to extend the performance of this product do not have to upgrade the memory and the trouble. In addition Womens Takkarist McKinley Jersey , it equipped with the NVIDIA NVS 3100M graphics card, although this professional-level display performance of the chip is smaller than those target discrete graphics for 3D games, but still professional graphics performance to meet most daily use for business users, and also thanks to the low-power design, the heat is also far less than the gaming graphics card, while the low calorific value and excellent comfort level is ThinkPad T series has always been the advantage lies.
Like A side familiar style Womens Calvin Ridley Jersey , T410 B side is also still the familiar ThinkPad style, in the middle of the screen frame is a high sensitivity of 2000000 megapixel camera, while the microphone is not designed on both sides of camera, we can it in the middle of the screen, double array microphone design ensures pickup effect. You can get the T410 drivers from here: lenovo t410 drivers.
T410 still choose a standard 14.1-inch 16:10 LED backlit screen, continuation of the previous product 180 ° open design Womens Julio Jones Jersey , the screen hinge is also still using a metal material, compared with the T400, increased the width of the screen rotation. Axis damping is moderate, users can easily opening and closing by one hand. And there is no single case of the lower part of the hand openings lead to an extension of the body while lifting.
The interface design is the biggest difference between the T410 and T400. where first is to increase the number of USB interface, the T410 has up to four independent USB 2.0 interface configuration, and part cancelled the vertical layout design Womens Deion Sanders Jersey , three independent interface changed to the traditional horizontal layout, while the right side of the PowerUSB interface is remains vertical design. In addition the T410 also joined single-function eSATA interface design, can fully meet the business users requirements for data transmission speed. Like T400s, T410 is still not equipped with HDMI high-definition interface, instead of using the Display Port interface design.
Compared with T400, T410 retained IEEE1394 interface Qadree Ollison Jersey , and audio inputoutput interface are integrated into one interface, additional, T410 changed ExpressCard 54 to ExpressCard 34.
Compared with the T400, T410 also redesigned the battery system, the T410 battery compartment deeper than the T400, and T410 standard with a 6-cell 5200mAh large capacity battery John Cominsky Jersey , it can provide users with longer battery life than the T400 standard 4-cell 2600mAh battery.
So if you use T400 now, you can get the drivers from here: lenovo t400 drivers.
And from this article we can see the difference between T410 and T400, this will be a good information if you want to choose one suitable laptop for your business.

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