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#61 RE: Have you tried Utopia? by Albatros 14.07.2020 04:27

As I've mentioned, they're running updates every week or so. So I'm sure that they're preparing something more than just mobile version. As people have to be interested in something more than just mining.

#62 RE: Have you tried Utopia? by Oboba 16.07.2020 09:00

Yes, I agree with you, I believe that it is very important when you are interested not only in mining, but have some additional interests. In general, it would be nice if the developers did something educational, for example.

#63 RE: Have you tried Utopia? by Albatros 17.07.2020 05:41

I think they could run IT courses as they've developed such a big and serious project. Not many people have such a deep understanding of cyber security and blockchain. But I don't think they really have time for it as they work on the soft improvement.

#64 RE: Have you tried Utopia? by Oboba 23.07.2020 03:28

Yes, it is, of course, understandable that they hardly have free time to do this, but it would be interesting to see something from the field of entertainment, but with an educational direction. For example, as a lingvaleo site.

#65 RE: Have you tried Utopia? by Albatros 28.07.2020 02:15

Well, at the moment, I think they're busy with something a little more important. And if we talk about the possibility of creating something educational, in particular lignvaleo, this means that they must be specialists in this area too, or they must work together with such a specialist.

#66 RE: Have you tried Utopia? by Oboba 03.08.2020 03:46

YES, you are probably right. I somehow did not think about the semantic and educational guide of such applications. For this, indeed, you will have to seek advice from specialists who really understand the topic and, what is important, know how to build the educational process.

#67 RE: Have you tried Utopia? by Albatros 04.08.2020 05:27

And why do you think that only developers should take part in it? Anyone can create his own website inside the ecosystem without the connection to developers. If you want to do something - just go and do that. No permission needed.

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