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#21 RE: Have you tried Utopia? by Kindza 15.02.2020 07:00

Did you guys participate in a latest meme Utopia competition? Winners even got crypton for participation. I've heard about it only after its release or I would also take part in it.

#22 RE: Have you tried Utopia? by Albatros 17.02.2020 02:29

Where did you find the information? As a regular user of 9gag I'd also take part in it. I have to check all the channels again. They'd better do a mailing about such things to invite more people to such activities. It can also help to get popular.

#23 RE: Have you tried Utopia? by Kindza 24.02.2020 03:40

They don't mail about it as this is a regular user beginning. He probably receives some donation from developers as he promotes the software. Here's his blog where he announces activities and writes the latest news about the soft.

#24 RE: Have you tried Utopia? by Albatros 25.02.2020 01:45

Really great blog. At least here we can find answers to some of our questions. As in their FAQ there are mostly descriptions of sections and nothing concrete. Hope he'll held more competitions. Some kindof activity attracts more attention.

#25 RE: Have you tried Utopia? by Kindza 28.02.2020 06:07

For sure. It becomes boring when you have nothing to do in software. As I mostly run it just for mining and don't even open any communities. As I didn't find anything interesting for me there. For now at least there will be some interest. Thanks for the link.

#26 RE: Have you tried Utopia? by Albatros 03.03.2020 02:56

I'm sad as from the time I've found it no activities were run. And it was the most interesting for me. Hope they'll renew it soon. As you're right, except of mining there's nothing interesting now. And what concerns chats, I use mobile ones as it's more convenient.

#27 RE: Have you tried Utopia? by Kindza 09.03.2020 08:15

For now ofc. It's too inconvenient to use a PC chat version, I don't always have a PC on me, but I'm always in contact with my colleagues and friends. When mobile version will be released, I'd probably switch to it.

#28 RE: Have you tried Utopia? by Albatros 10.03.2020 02:58

I've checked the blog we've discussed and the guy wrote that 1 crp has to be about 3.5$ already, but I've seen the rate like 1 crp - 1$. Which opinion is closer to the truth? Or it has no sense as the coin wasn't released officially.

#29 RE: Have you tried Utopia? by Kindza 13.03.2020 06:44

I don't think you have to believe in it. I've read the article and it seems like he's only supposing the rate and all the other stuff. Developers don't give any concrete information and users are trying to guess the continuation.

#30 RE: Have you tried Utopia? by Oboba 17.03.2020 02:21

I don’t understand, why equate krypton with the dollar, instead of trying to equate it with bitcoin? Wouldn't that be more reliable?

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