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#1 Have you tried Utopia? by Albatros 28.11.2019 07:58

Whatís this crazy Utopia campaign that is everywhere already? All tech and crypto websites publish numerous news about it, itís discussed on many forums. But whatís wrong with you, people?? Itís a closed source product developed by no one knows who. Arenít you people afraid that itís a trap, and by promising you total anonymity, some govs, for example, will collect all your data? Youíll be watched by Big Brother, and you voluntarily go to his hands! Think it over. Once you get there, youíll never come back.

#2 RE: Have you tried Utopia? by Oboba 02.12.2019 02:18

I've tried it and quite liked the soft but for now it's not very convenient for me as it doesn't have a mobile version. I have to be online all the time and I can't take the laptop on me everywhere. So when the mobile version will be released I'll switch to it.

#3 RE: Have you tried Utopia? by Albatros 05.12.2019 03:14

So do you really believe that this soft is SO encrypted as it is said? Because it's just words without any proof. And I can promise you anything in order to collect your info for my reasons.

#4 RE: Have you tried Utopia? by Kindza 09.12.2019 02:26

Mobile version will be live in 2020, just interested in the exact time. What concerns the security I don't think there will be any problems with it. Anyway, time will show. Btw, what r u going to do there as you're so nervous about ur anonymity?)

#5 RE: Have you tried Utopia? by Albatros 11.12.2019 01:49

I'm just sure that people from darknet will come there looking for a private place to trade and so on. And I'll laugh out loud when all their data will be passed to governments. It's a kind of nowadays Robin Hood. Let's clear the web from crimes :)

#6 RE: Have you tried Utopia? by Oboba 16.12.2019 03:01

Maybe it's just promises and we'll never see the code for sure but I can understand why. Guys worked on it for 6 years and they don't want to share their work with anyone as I'm sure a lot of money were spent and a great soft was invented. The open source apps fail often no matter everyone believe it's so safe. So let's wait and see whether there will be news about Utopia crash or it will remain really stable and anonymous.

#7 RE: Have you tried Utopia? by Albatros 18.12.2019 04:31

In order to wait and check you have to use the soft all the time. As now any person can be paid for leaving good comments and so on. So if I'll use it and will lose my data I'll have no one to blame as developers keep the names in secret...

#8 RE: Have you tried Utopia? by Kindza 23.12.2019 06:05

On the web you can't blame anyone in most of cases, so it's senseless. It's just up to you whether to use the soft or not. As for me, I plan to run some service for Utopia users, just looking for a good programmer which will help me with website creation.

#9 RE: Have you tried Utopia? by Albatros 27.12.2019 03:25

I think you can easily find them in Utopia channels. Just create a new one saying you're looking for a team to create a great project. Due to the fact that I hadn't seen any websites there yet, it can be promising. Moreover if it'sreally so secured you could do there whatever you want.

#10 RE: Have you tried Utopia? by Kindza 04.01.2020 02:35

I think that time should pass until we'll know if it's really so secured. So it's better to wait some time until we'll get sure that we're anonymous there. But for simple online shop it's okay even now.

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