#1 php web hosting deals? by ReConSet 13.05.2019 01:40

I need help to choose reliable host in the USA along with helpful techs.
As for me, I found qualityhostonline.com - their php web hosting deals look quite good.
I need Linux with 50 gbs of HD + 1500 gbs of bandwidth.
What host in the USA is better? And why?

#2 RE: php web hosting deals? by Gratsiya 14.05.2019 12:25

Plans from rockhoster.com and hosting.uk are the best for meeting all your demands.
The support is amazing, promptly and all my problems were resolved regardless of the issue at no time. Is really hard to find this type of organization with support as good as they providing?

#3 RE: php web hosting deals? by Strong-tech 17.05.2019 00:55

Can recommend you to look through Dailyrazor.com website hosting deals. + discounts:
For Shared hosting Use code: SUPERSHARED for 60.40% OFF
For VPS hosting Use code: CLOUDPRIMO for 32% OFF

#4 RE: php web hosting deals? by Graiman 23.05.2019 02:39

I have been using QHoster.com Linux VPS hosting for over 2 years now and they rock. They are a budget host, and you have to know your stuff since their service does not include helping newbies. That aside the quality of their hardware is top notch. The reliability of their network is amazing.

#5 RE: php web hosting deals? by Myblues 24.05.2019 12:35

Plans from hosting.uk and avansit.com are worth trying.
Good prices, outstanding reliability, absolutely secure. Nevertheless, what makes them the very best hosting providers is their PEOPLE and the service they provide. Kind, prepared, always ready.

#6 RE: php web hosting deals? by Goproweb 30.05.2019 04:58


You will enjoy your experience dealing with Cloudarion.com provider. Uptime is great and their promise (99.9% uptime guarantee) is correct.
Easy access to my data and mail, and the fastest, most reliable customer service in the industry.

#7 RE: php web hosting deals? by Steerock 04.06.2019 01:21

Speed connectivity is really fast, so my visitors are happy.
I am 100% satisfied - highly recommend hostingsource.com US web hosting services to others.

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