#1 Cheap servers by Xenon 11.12.2018 17:23

guys I'm planning to resell servers for live, could you suggest a provider I can deal with to get cheap servers to resell them under my own brand? Of course I will need white label cpanel/plan something like that. I would be glad if you helped me because I can't decide

#2 RE: Cheap servers by Gratsiya 12.12.2018 06:16

Believe me or not but hostsailor.com dedicated servers (starting at $28) will be great for you as they have white label for resellers.
Those servers they providing have cool specs so you will sell them higher prices, I'm planning to do so later and I hope these 1Gbps dedis still there.

#3 RE: Cheap servers by ReConSet 12.12.2018 23:49

There is no need to choose a host with the fastest ticket response time, but choose one who you feel you communicate well with.

I can recommend you to look at these web hosts and their hosting deals:
1) QHoster.com
2) Cloudarion.com
I prefer to focus on something much more important, reliable web hosting and great customer service.

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