#1 managed dedicated server hosting (Nvidia) by Steerock 06.12.2018 01:21

Hey buds,
looking for good place where I can get managed dedicated server hosting:
32 GB of RAM, Linux, 24/7 customer support, 2 TB - HD, 20 TB - Bandwidth. Nvidia
+ Secure SSL Certificates

Well, having done a search, found Gpuservers.net web host
They look to be nice places for that. Are they reliable one?

#2 RE: managed dedicated server hosting (Nvidia) by KrassMass 11.12.2018 08:12

Use dedicated servers from asvhost.com and yourlasthost.com as they are good enough to have a deal with.
These guys know how to keep everything working. Choose the host that suits your needs and provides constant and uninterrupted services and support.

#3 RE: managed dedicated server hosting (Nvidia) by ReConSet 12.12.2018 23:47

Go ahead, the price for Gpuservers.net is right. You will get what you pay for.
I have never had a problem with uptime, but my sites are low-traffic.You can submit support tickets easily right from the dashboard, and choose the level of severity of your issue.

#4 RE: managed dedicated server hosting (Nvidia) by Strong-tech 18.12.2018 23:16

I find Gpuservers.net to be incredibly Perfect. I'm very satisfied with the fast and accurate technical help, ease of use and wide service offer. Highly recommend them for anyone looking for stable and reliable host.

#5 RE: managed dedicated server hosting (Nvidia) by Graiman 24.12.2018 22:59

What Nvidia graphics driver is that it is a software, which essentially helps your Nvidia graphics card to communicate with your CPU, HDD and other such components.

Think it will be a good idea to choose GPUservers.net and their services. They provide hosted GPU machines with full bare-metal access..

#6 RE: managed dedicated server hosting (Nvidia) by Myblues 27.12.2018 06:36

Servers from HostingSource.com and QHoster.com are well-balanced and worth trying.
If you are looking for a site to host your website, you’ll make the best decision by choosing these hosts, as they are the most efficient sites to help you receive the most traffic possible. With inexpensive prices and magnificent customer service, I can 99% guarantee that you will never be upset or disappointed with the results you see from using these website hosting sites.

#7 RE: managed dedicated server hosting (Nvidia) by Goproweb 28.12.2018 21:54


GPUservers.net is an honest place for ordering Nvidia servers. They can also provide NVIDIA Quadro, Tesla, Titan, GTX as well as AMD GPU's.
Don't hesitate to contact them directly and get all the things cleared.

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