#1 High Traffic dedicated servers? by Steerock 06.12.2018 01:16

I started thinking to order High Traffic dedicated servers:
2 TB - HD, 32 GB - RAM, 20TB - Bandwidth
What can you say about 1) Ipxon.com ; 2) Kvchosting.net and their servers?
My friend told me they were perfect for running High Traffic sites. Is it true?
Where can I read customer hosting reviews about them?
Any alternatives?

#2 RE: High Traffic dedicated servers? by ReConSet 12.12.2018 23:47

I have been using KVChosting.net since they opened.. I have many sites with them and they have always answered questions.
Recovered my data when I have had problems due to my own fault. They have informed me if their were any outages. I have never noticed my sites being down unless it was due to my own folly.

#3 RE: High Traffic dedicated servers? by Gratsiya 16.12.2018 23:47

Use servers from HostingSource.com and QHoster.com as they are proven to be the best in this realm.
Amazing tech support! They have quick and professional responds with knowledge to depend on, unlike other support. They are very polite when asked for help and fixing any issues for me immediately.

#4 RE: High Traffic dedicated servers? by Strong-tech 18.12.2018 23:17


I highly recommend KVChosting.net for those looking for a reliable host with great support.
Great host. Wonderful customer service and very quick responses. ++++ recommend.

#5 RE: High Traffic dedicated servers? by Graiman 24.12.2018 22:53

Yeah, kvchosting.net is a well-known US web host - their servers based on SSD Storage which gives super fast speed connectivity.
They are optimized for application hosting and provide more security, reliability and speed than traditional web hosts.

#6 RE: High Traffic dedicated servers? by Myblues 26.12.2018 08:17

Use servers from time-tested company - asvhost.com.
They are great. Easy to use. Great customer service. You can call at anytime and get help. Simple cheap awesome. Nice job!

#7 RE: High Traffic dedicated servers? by Goproweb 28.12.2018 00:48


I was searching for a reliable web hosting for my blog and some new projects. Good prices, great uptime, and amazing support.
Kvchosting.net ssd host offers all I need and a very good customer support. Highly recommended host. The only host I've ever renewed my services with!

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