#1 VPS account to sign up with by Myblues 31.10.2018 09:33

HostingSource.com and KVChosting.net VPS deals are advised me to try in terms of hosting a forum and need to know which plan is the best for it?
Any ideas?

#2 RE: VPS account to sign up with by Goproweb 02.11.2018 00:40


What about Hard Disk, bandwidth and RAM requirements? Any specific located of servers?

I know hostnamaste.com is a good web host with nice vps (OpenVZ and KVM) hosting accounts offered by cheap prices.
Their servers are located in USA and India. Just contact them directly and get all the things cleared.

#3 RE: VPS account to sign up with by Steerock 08.11.2018 22:00

I've been with Hostingsource.com more than 6 months and already I can tell I'm going to stick around for a while.
These guys have been the best web hosts I have used to date. Very responsive support and amazing performance.

#4 RE: VPS account to sign up with by ReConSet 14.11.2018 01:44

I definitely would recommend digitalserver.com.mx Mexican web host to any friends of mine.
They have easy to use admin section and one click installs.
Nothing to worry about, they are professional.

#5 RE: VPS account to sign up with by Strong-tech 20.11.2018 01:36


I'm pleased to say that Hostingsource.com have delivered exactly on their 99.9% uptime promise.
So far, everything has been absolutely amazing. Their VPS systems are fully managed and the help they provide is impeccable.

#6 RE: VPS account to sign up with by Graiman 26.11.2018 01:46

You will be pleased using hostforweb.com and their vps hosting solutions. USE THE CODE: "code2018" - 20% off for life.
They are exceedingly quick to respond to support issues, even from pre-sales stage. Their attitude is always unflappable and friendly - just what you need - and the value-for-money on their packages is unbeatable.

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