#1 Backlink from Amazon's footer by theNOTO 12.06.2018 08:38


Can anyone advise whether website footer links any good for SEO?
I see even Amazon using site-wide footer links.
I heard using footer links without nofollow would attract Google penalty.
Edit: Don't mind the title its just a click bait.

#2 RE: Backlink from Amazon's footer by BlackMoon 12.06.2018 09:47


Google treats internal links different than external incoming links. And also you can use exact match anchors and even scale.
Here is an video by Matt Cutts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ybpXU0ckKQ&feature=youtu.be That may be answer to your question.

#3 RE: Backlink from Amazon's footer by Modek 12.06.2018 10:24

If you have good linking structure and are not listing a bunch of cities and keywords in it then you're fine. Remember that footers are site wide. Care about the user then SEO.

#4 RE: Backlink from Amazon's footer by IndeXer 13.06.2018 02:51


I haven't see a site penalized for it. just don't expect more the power if your site has 100 indexed pages.

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