#1 Hi Guys..New Guy Here.. by BluckEIP 09.06.2018 00:09

Been looking at threads on BHG for a few months! Only today have I decided to create an account and get engaged with members of the site. I think I have made the right choice....
I'm a college student who lives in CA.
I have a passion for Dropshipping and would love to learn more about the subject. If anyone has any great threads about these I'd love to have a read. I also really want to learn about AdWords.

#2 RE: Hi Guys..New Guy Here.. by BlackMoon 09.06.2018 04:46


Glad to have you aboard, BluckEIP...Welcome to Black Hat Gold

#3 RE: Hi Guys..New Guy Here.. by Jr. VIP 09.06.2018 10:34


Hey BluckEIP, welcome to the party, I hope you find everything you want here and more.

#4 RE: Hi Guys..New Guy Here.. by Cyberthrope 11.06.2018 05:01


Hey! Welcome to the forum mate

#5 RE: Hi Guys..New Guy Here.. by Darran 22.06.2018 08:04


I am very surprised by your comment on having perfect writing skills. So I am very pleased to meet you. Gaining a little modesty and a little less arrogance in your skill set may take you farther in the world.

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