#1 [Recommendation] Social Media Management Tools by no1youknowz 08.06.2018 10:14


What is your go to social media management tool? I've only heard of Hootsuite. Any recommendations?

#2 RE: [Recommendation] Social Media Management Tools by BlackMoon 08.06.2018 14:51


"Buffer" their interface isn't as clunky as Hootsuite but they are both very similar in offerings.
Except Hootsuite offers the popular articles being discussed online.
I used the free access for content and Buffer for scheduling.

#3 RE: [Recommendation] Social Media Management Tools by Thequeenshat 14.06.2018 08:06

There are many popular tools for business management on social media. But i want to tell you about a new Facebook marketing tool called Auto Page Post https://www.autopagepost.com/ . Use it's free service. I already started to use. It's a good & userfriendly.

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