#1 How to block spam traffic? by Brackhaus 03.12.2017 20:37


I have a problem with the spam traffic. I tried a lot of ways to block them but still have much spam traffic.

#2 RE: How to block spam traffic? by Cyberthrope 03.12.2017 20:42


Find out spam ips and block . There are tons of plugins if you are using wordpress.

#3 RE: How to block spam traffic? by Zero 11.12.2017 12:44


Block an individual IP isn't that effective since spammers can change IPs so quickly. In many cases it's better to block entire regions. I know this sounds cold but there are some countries which have high spam volume with relatively low levels of traffic to English language sites. Countries like Russia, Iran, Afghanistan, China, etc...

I think they're pretty safe to block because the odds of affecting a legitimate individual are pretty low. (Especially for China because they monitor the net so heavily there and anyone wanting to get outside has to use a VPN anyway so it'd look like they're from another country to begin with.)

Now to actually block regions if the software you're using has a plugin that can do that, it's best to use that. If they don't have one but you have htaccess then you can get the IP ranges for that country and post them in there. (Just make sure you look up how to edit htaccess first to ensure it works properly.)

#4 RE: How to block spam traffic? by jyy 14.12.2017 11:54


If this is a forum, then ask new users to spell a word backward - and/or you could ask them a really difficult question - one bots would never figure out. However, if it's not a bot (or one that already got in), then you will have to ban users and IPs or hire another person/persons to do it - as some have already mentioned.

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