#1 [ FREE METHOD ] GET 30000 Targeting Visitors by marketer20 02.11.2017 17:15


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#2 RE: [ FREE METHOD ] GET 30000 Targeting Visitors by mrpanda 03.11.2017 07:19


I don't think that this traffic will be from real human ! but i'll give it a try

#3 RE: [ FREE METHOD ] GET 30000 Targeting Visitors by Zero 12.12.2017 17:23


Any time there's a claim to get a huge increase of traffic/follower/whatever it's usually bots. Which might help look good for a short time, but ultimately it's really not going to help. As stated by Mrpanda, they're likely just bots. But bots don't really help improve actual onsite activity. (At worst they spam sites and aggravate admins.) Plus most sites don't need huge numbers of hits but rather a few good people to help build activity up naturally.

Even if you've got ads up and are looking to make money, bots usually aren't good here because they don't click things. They might not even have javascript on so they might not be counted. Or the ad program may even recognise they're bots and adjust for them.

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