#1 Backlinks with web 2.0s by Superkingdom 24.08.2017 01:40

we all know the best way to get backlinks to your money website is to create web 2.0’s, I understand that part. But are you not then in the same position trying to get that ranked by google so that people can see it as you would be your main website?

#2 RE: Backlinks with web 2.0s by bazo_mate 25.08.2017 13:26


Web 2.0 is an advanced SEO strategy which will help you to gain keyword ranking and traffic. It is advisable from top SEO agencies to get backlinks from Web 2.0.

#3 RE: Backlinks with web 2.0s by Ziplack 26.08.2017 11:12


You can use the Web2.0 websites to create the backlinks and submit the created backlinks on other websites to make the backlinks more strong.

#4 RE: Backlinks with web 2.0s by golfer 27.08.2017 11:07


Create quality content and others will do your work for you by sharing that content - you do NOT have to build links.

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