#1 Most secure PBN ever by cRichard 03.08.2017 02:53


hello guys,
What for your opinion would be the most secure PBN ever? As in what would have the least probabilities of being de-index and also passing guide assessment?
My planned method is:
To buy most effective first-rate nice PBNs AT public sale in identical niche, preferably with key phrases relating to it.
No bot blocker (PBN will seem like a actual web site)
Create fb, pinterest, twitter and
instagram profiles, submit to each as a new blog is launched.
One new weblog every month until @ 15/20 blogs. (cash website online link constantly on homepage) authentic high first-class content (the use of a writer who thinks these are guest posts)
privateness, phrases, cookies
operating contact web page
writer character created with backstory drip feed feedback on blogs every so often Optimise to try and rank for lengthy tail kw, to get a touch site visitors i have built many PBNs within the past, most outsourcing the layout to a person who also adds the content and so on. The website seems suitable however glaringly, it's a PBN. I have actual companies and do not want to lose it all over a few crappy PBNs.
let me realize what you observed, I
understand the cost is better but i am after long time achievement, no longer a short win earlier than my PBN is caught out.

#2 RE: Most secure PBN ever by badoddy 03.08.2017 06:44


Shopping for existing web sites, no longer converting whois (preferably including the registrar account with the sale so no changes take place at all) with minimal changes to
the content material and everyday updates going
it's feasible... if you think about the quantity of bloggers there are that post that 1 publish that went viral on reddit after which give up blogging 2 years later there must be thousands of those out there.

#3 RE: Most secure PBN ever by Jr. VIP 09.06.2018 11:18


The entire process looks something like this...
1. Find an expired domain in your niche
2. Analyze its potential to pass down link juice for SEO
3. Register the shortlisted expired domain carefully
4. Host the domain
5. Setup the content on the domain
5. Link to your money site(s)
6. Update and drip new content into your PBN sites
Always remember, that SEO keeps changing... and Google is scared as anything in protecting its algorithm from us SEOs. You need to be keyed in and updating yourself if you want to succeed.

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