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#1 What is black hat SEO? by Garumike 28.07.2017 13:57

What is black hat SEO and what is the
advantage of black hat SEO? Can any
one tell me in details?

#2 RE: What is black hat SEO? by Mark 28.07.2017 14:07


OLD Question.

#3 RE: What is black hat SEO? by Ziplack 29.07.2017 00:41


Simple : black hat seo is the process of deceiving search engine to rank a site in an illegal way.

#4 RE: What is black hat SEO? by BlackMoon 30.07.2017 03:31


Blackhatseo is something shortcut to
get ranking in the search engines.
Before explaining blackhatseo I would
like to ask what is seo. According to
experts, seo these days is 90% offsite
and 10% onsite. By offsite seo we
mean the backlinks to our site. So
higher the number of quality
backlinks to one's site, higher the
ranking in the search engines. But
getting backlinks is not an easy job as
it is something which we can't control
apart from asking the other
webmasters to linkback to us which
we generally call it a white hat seo.
But If we start making thousands of
backlinks to our site to some non
relevant sites without taking their
permission and spamming them with
our links and crating link wheels to
alter the Google position voluntarily,
posting spinned articles on our site by
scraping from other sites etc... this is
what we call blackhat seo.

#5 RE: What is black hat SEO? by IndeXer 08.11.2017 12:28


basically BH is just being the bad guy on the net.

#6 RE: What is black hat SEO? by jyy 14.12.2017 12:00


I don't think this forum really advocates blackhat, possibly it's just a study of it, and is really advocating methods which aren't banned by Google - but aren't so square either. I mean, I don't think the real champions on the net are using "white hat" so to speak. That can't be.

#7 RE: What is black hat SEO? by T Dog 14.12.2017 20:23

Yeah it used to be a little simpler then it is now. Most techniques have been patched by search engines.

#8 RE: What is black hat SEO? by williamk 14.12.2017 23:36

Question like this should not be asked on this forum.
its a BlackHat forum if you don't know about BH then don't join.

#9 RE: What is black hat SEO? by HuBG 14.01.2018 13:28


BlackHat is basically, in the most simplest terms I can put it, exploiting flaws in the system for your benefit in a grimy way. Like building links with bots instead of naturally, keyword stuffing, stuff like that.
BlackHat is where you figure out what works, and do it on a massive and unnatural scale, in the hopes to rank with little effort. Or, scams. It's not worth it these days, you make more money with integrity and honesty.

#10 RE: What is black hat SEO? by barbling 16.01.2018 14:08


Black hat seo is customarily defined as techniques that are used to get higher search rankings in an unethical will penalize or banned website if using black hat seo.

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