#1 Xrumer or SENuke by CPAking 28.07.2017 00:39

Does anyone have any preference between xrumer and senuke?

#2 RE: Xrumer or SENuke by BlackMoon 28.07.2017 00:43


Well xrumer and senuke is separate thing. Both works differently. Senuke is largly blasting a social
networks, bookmarks, linkwheeling, and other web 2.0 sites but xrumer is spamming a forums, profile
links, blog comments and some other platforms. SEnuke is less spammy but xrumer is spammy if not
used properly. There are reports that after a recent google panada the effect of xrumer is lessen so we
have evolved a new way of spamming the senuke links with xrumer. In this method we use xrumer
blasts to spam the senuke links instead of directly blasting the money links to avoid the google footprints

#3 RE: Xrumer or SENuke by JimLad1 28.07.2017 02:35


Yep I agree with Tim on this. I've used both in the past, but now stick with SenukeX which I use on a
VPS. Although not as fast as running it off my own server, I don't have the hassle, which I like. There are
a ton of (blackhat)VPS's outhere that you can make use of and most include Senuke, Scrapebox, AMR etc.
I saw my results go downhill fast after the last algorythm update on the big G with Xrumer.
Rankings on Bing and Yahoo stayed up for a while but also went down over time.
Hrefer is really a great tool to work with and things go FAST. I mean reallly FAST!
So it really depends on what you want. If it's blogposting, you could also do well with scrapebox or other
If you want to get into the social area stick with Senuke. Works the best for me.

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