#1 How to promote my website? by Andress3 25.07.2017 01:26

I am starting a website. This website should mainly act as a blog for my and I to post our newsletter. Yes, a news letter press. Although my team and I are all amateurs in writing articles or newsletter,
however, we wish that through this blogging/newsletter writing experience, we can better hone our writing skills. This website is purely meant for us to have some fun while we share the work that what
we enjoy doing. However, we wished to reach a larger audience who are willing to give constructive feedbacks for us to improve!
So share with me some way i can advertise my website free.

#2 RE: How to promote my website? by Samlowan 25.07.2017 07:55


You have just started. At the beginning, you can use social networking sites to promote your blog.
Join all the social networks, join different relevant groups&cummunities then share your posts time to time. It will be really helpful.
Forum sites are also really helpful. Join forums and take part in the discussion. Add your signature.
Join questions&answers sites. Ask questions and give answers, add your post link to your answer if it is relevant.
Write top quality content, do keyword research before writing. Select low competitive keywords it will bring organic traffic.
Guest posting is also really helpful to grow your business.

#3 RE: How to promote my website? by jyy 20.03.2018 11:35


Money's always a quick fix. What's your budget?

#4 RE: How to promote my website? by Andress3 20.03.2018 12:33

Quote: jyy wrote in post #3
What's your budget?

I plan to spend 500 to 1000 dollars but i plan to scale this up depending on the level of my income.

#5 RE: How to promote my website? by Darran 22.06.2018 08:05


what about buy fake web traffic???

#6 RE: How to promote my website? by marketer20 23.11.2018 06:19


Great job, starting is already a way to success. I would suggest to approach from different sides. Social building (probably you want to buy some likes,tweets, shares and etc.). Try SEO link building services that are available in this website. Real people interraction (speak about your website more and more in social media). Write a topic about dating , websites , statistics (how many people are getting married after meeting each other in dating websites). Don't expect it to come fast, but niche you are in is hard to get to the top, but not impossible :) Good luck !

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