#1 Copy of articles and replacement by kewlbrew 23.07.2017 13:24

Someone in here who has an idea of ​​what it's
common to claim in compensation when
someone steals an article from one's
webpage and puts it on it? There is
something in the intellectual property law
about compensation, but I'm not sure what's
the right amount to claim for article theft

#2 RE: Copy of articles and replacement by TheArticleMan 24.07.2017 18:21


I would actually bill the cost of writing the
article + salary to invoice, investigate ..

#3 RE: Copy of articles and replacement by 2825 25.07.2017 14:02


Anyone who knows if there are any judges
or the like on such thefts? One would think
that someone has been exposed to this
Seeing that many food bloggers bill billions
of dollars when the media uses their photos
without law.

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