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Today, the crawlers in a typical search engine do not look for the
repetition of a single keyword. In fact, they make a point of
overlooking those articles that show evidence of “keyword stuffing.” Therefore, any effort to improve a site’s search engine results must take those facts into consideration.
A site that sells a product needs to consider every one of the
characteristics possessed by that product. If it is a health food, it must contain important vitamins and minerals. Still, a search engine crawler needs to see more than continuous mention of vitamins and minerals.
A food is going to be eaten. Does this particular health food taste good? Is it easy to prepare? Is it sold at a price that the average consumer can afford? Those are all important characteristics for any food, even the most healthful foods. Mention of those added characteristics can help
to improve a site’s position on a search engine listing. What is the
brand name for the product or products sold at a particular web site?
Where is the factory that makes that brand name product? Those facts too contribute to the amount of information that is posted about any one product, on any one site. At the same time, those facts can help to define or name that product. In that way, they can help a content writer to develop different ways for referring to the same item.
The foregoing paragraphs focused on web sites that sell a product.
However, some book authors rely on the contents in a blog to aid
promotion of their hardback publication. Therefore, such authors need to place in that blog information that will attract the “attention” of a crawler.
A blog writer should make a point of keeping up with each day’s news. There might be some small item in that news that relates to some topic in the book or books written by that author and blog writer. In the day’s
blog entry, that current event needs to get mentioned in the first couple sentences. That way, it is sure to be noticed by the search engine crawler. That does not mean that such crawlers never notice the inner content for any article. They do examine that content, and they list
articles that have a searched word deep inside, well after the first two
to three paragraphs. Yet Internet users do not always have the
patience required to study any article carefully, looking for that one embedded word. That is why the position of a keyword can improve or diminish search engine results. That is why the beginning and end of an article represent the ideal place for inclusion of a “key” word or phrase. In between the beginning and end of the article, there should be lots of
useful information, lots of well-written content. In addition to search engine results, article writers need to think about
attention getting opening lines. Some content creators prefer to write in the second person. In that way they hope to reinforce the results of coming from the search engine.

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Amazing info. Thanks for sharing!

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