#1 The Effect of SEO Consultant? by pittab 11.07.2017 22:03

I turn to you who have the first search engine
optimized site according to the rules available

but after consultation consultant.
1) Was it "night and day" difference?
2) Extremely individual but, was it worth the

#2 RE: The Effect of SEO Consultant? by BlackMoon 11.07.2017 22:07


I think it's very individual. There are so many
factors that capture and depend largely on what
you choose to bet on.
Some companies place more emphasis on
placements and others on conversions. In the
end, you'll still get back your investment,
whether you pay 1000 SEK or 100 000 SEK.
One may wonder what the traffic you have
today is worth and how much a conversion is
for you. Clean crash, SEO does not happen
overnight and one has to keep it in mind as a
customer that it is an ongoing work that may
take several months, sometimes years

#3 RE: The Effect of SEO Consultant? by Samlowan 11.07.2017 22:13


No matter what it is extremely important to be
aware that an SEO consultant can harm more
than they make use of. In order to achieve
quick results, there are a lot of consultants who
do gray / black-hat SEO. Initially, it may have a
positive effect, but then it will be detected by
Google and you will be punished.
Do not remember which agency did SAS
optimization many years ago, but want to
remember that they got the full sas.se to be

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