#1 Simple Method for Noobs to Bank off CPA by mrpanda 05.07.2017 11:41


For those out there that are more experienced, this post is not going to help very much. For those of you
that are just beginning with CPA, this should be of help.
Firstly register a domain for free or purchase one, pick something relevant to your niche. If you are
looking for a free domain Google:
free .tk
free .co .nr
Find an affiliate program or CPA offer that you would sign-up to yourself. Put yourself in the mindset of
those that you are targeting, so if you are targeting horny males try to find a CPA that has pornographic
advertising visible on the landing page. A good example of this is XXXBlackbook, Google it and sign up,
otherwise find a similar offer through your CPA network.
Login to your domain’s control panel and setup a 301 or 302 redirect towards the tracking link. Instantly
you have a site that directs to the offer’s landing page. The use of a TLD has affected conversions greatly
for me, so registration of a .com, .net or .org is preferable.
Once this is setup you will need to build traffic. Easy ways to promote include Craigslist, Gumtree and
Ebay classifieds. Forum posting is another great way to get targeted traffic, search Big-Boards in google
to find a busy forum through which to build a profile. Don’t spam, rather add value to the community and
slowly “drip-feed” your promotion. Youtube is a great way to gain traffic, upload a few videos relating to
your niche or alternatively post comments en-masse on videos receiving a high amount of views.
The purpose of this post is not traffic driving, but I mentioned a few methods to help. Hopefully this will
help those that are starting out to make their first few $$$.

#2 RE: Simple Method for Noobs to Bank off CPA by ☼ The magician☼ 20.07.2017 09:56


Some awesome insights right there!
You have my thanks.
Would be useful for anyone getting to learn cpa.

#3 RE: Simple Method for Noobs to Bank off CPA by LasurenceP 24.07.2017 11:35


Wonderful guide mrpanda thanks for the guide.

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