#1 Help With CPA Offer by boy d 03.07.2017 12:54

Good day Friends, Please i just got
approved by a CPA company and i have
some offers there that need to be
promoted by email and display. and i
don't have any email list or any display,
i only have facebook account of about
1,200 friends. please what can i do?
category are commerce, dating, email/
zip, game and toy, pet and animal.
i have little idea and this is my only
approved CPA
thanks in advance

#2 RE: Help With CPA Offer by JimLad1 04.07.2017 08:33


You can promote CPA offers on your
facebook fan pages. Before doing that,
please contact your affiliate manager
and ask if that is allowed.
Other than that, You can build a website
around the offer, post quality content
and put the display banners on your site.
If you go this route, you can even build a
list by offering something valuable for
free. Once you build a good list, you can
promote CPA offers by email.
Another way to do CPA marketing is by
PPC on 7search or adcenter, if you have
the budget and experience.

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