#1 What would you do with this? by new,team 24.06.2017 08:11


Recently I found a domain of a famous writer
with the famous technique of "broken links".
He is free and has DA = 15. It also has several
links from very valuable newspaper websites.
My doubt is that I do not know very well what
to do with it. I have read out there that people
create a blog on the web with links to their
"important" website or make a 301 direct
redirect to their web.

#2 RE: What would you do with this? by reformed 24.06.2017 08:25


It has a low DA, check to see how many
backlinks it has and the authority of these. But
at first it does not look very good

#3 RE: What would you do with this? by JimLad1 25.06.2017 03:25


For that DA better do not complicate yourself,
unless it is from the same exact theme. For
the rest put the bar from 20

#4 RE: What would you do with this? by eRicdirect 25.06.2017 03:27

I do not know why you have the habit of
relying on a macro metric of a company like
Moz, which is not precisely known for its
reliability xD
Equals the PR, DA, PA, CF, and TF of any
domain, as long as your backlink profile is
adequate and clean.
But in this particular case, being a domain
that belonged to someone famous, I would
discard it, because the acronyms WIPO,
ICANN and WIPO are some of the ones that I
do not want to see in my inbox.

#5 RE: What would you do with this? by Jr. VIP 25.06.2017 04:10


The day is not high so look good another

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