#1 Affiliate VS Adsense...Adsense is much better by bassmanbomb 08.06.2017 19:02


Affiliate programs tend to suck because
people have to actually buy something,
which requires expensive, competitive,
targeted traffic. You can;t just send
1000 semi qualified visitors to an
affiliate page and make money. And
then there's the click fraud when doing
adwords and ridiculously high bids.
So a better method is to create a
website with decent paying adsense
ads, some content, a nice logo & layout
and then drive traffic to it. Then you get
paid. It's that simple. The cool thing
about adsense is the traffic doesn't
have to be as good as affiliate traffic in
order to get paid.
With affiliate you've probably painfully
recall sending 100 visitors, getting 14
clicks , and zero conversion. With
adsense those 14 clicks made me 14
bucks. And I get more traffic & clicks.

#2 RE: Affiliate VS Adsense...Adsense is much better by 2825 08.06.2017 19:07


Ok true but i do not think you only want
to go adsense. A mix is better...

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