#1 Clickbank affiliate marketers by sydny40 22.05.2017 08:04

Clickbank seems to be the big thing
among affiliate marketers. Do you use it
extensively as well, or most of the offers
you promote come from other places?

#2 RE: Clickbank affiliate marketers by Mrnewbie 22.05.2017 08:25


I used Clickbank in the beginning of
my affiliate marketing career. Now I owns a product on there and does very well
with it.

#3 RE: Clickbank affiliate marketers by warrior1A 22.05.2017 08:26


ClickBank has always been a massive
powerhouse and the way they handle their
payouts and backend is awesome.

#4 RE: Clickbank affiliate marketers by BlackMoon 22.05.2017 08:37


From an affiliate aspect, they have an
excellent selection of offers for almost any
niche, with well written creatives and ad
content. As an advertiser, you simply create an
account, add a product, a few creatives and you are ready to go.

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