#1 Running Multiple Blogs with Multiple Domains (B2E) by warrior1A 21.05.2017 07:50


I have decided to make a series of blogs
each with different subjects, however,
all interlinked, I'd link to have multiple
authors working on multiple blogs, so I
picked B2 Evolution. However, now I am
trying to figure out how to set up my
webserver to accept multiple domains
for each blog, I don't want a simple
redirect, I'd prefer it to be integrated.

#2 RE: Running Multiple Blogs with Multiple Domains (B2E) by WarFire 21.05.2017 09:48


why now not simply use blogger to manipulate all
of your blogs? And, are you planning on
going for walks all of those websites/blogs on one
IP? if you are, then linking them to each
different isn't an excellent idea. the quest
engines no likey while a group of sites
on the equal IP move hyperlink heavily.

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