#1 Using Instagram as a Lead Generator by 2825 12.05.2017 13:38


Few months ago I was on a webinar where someone was talking about using Instagram for lead generation.
Although Instagram is to be used on your
phone you can manage the account online he
Do anyone else used Instagram to build their
business? If so please share on this thread
how you did it and how it helped. Thanks.

#2 RE: Using Instagram as a Lead Generator by BlackBrowny 12.05.2017 14:08

Instagram is a good source of traffic for the
right niche. I have a sister who runs a recipe
blog that makes some very good profit from
traffic. I know Instagram is about 20% of her
unique traffic and she continues to leverage
that using it to post new recipe pictures.

#3 RE: Using Instagram as a Lead Generator by BlackBrowny 12.05.2017 21:53

I have tried it yet but have plans for a
specific niche for it in the future. There are lots
of great ways available to marketers these
days that nobody should have to fail!

#4 RE: Using Instagram as a Lead Generator by BlackMoon 12.05.2017 21:57


An image is worth a thousand words. An
instagram will provide a behind scenes look.
When you impart a few photographs that offer
a behind the scene look at your business, it
can go far towards building a feeling of
compatibility and recognition between your
work and those you are putting forth it to. This
is a standout amongst the most influential
ways online networking can help you change
the diversion.
Instagram is the best source for lead
It allow you to build a personality for your
business. Instagram ought to be a perplexing
piece of building an unique and winning
identity for your business. Consolidated with
different types of online networking, your site
and your publicizing, you are given an
extraordinary open door for trim how your
business is seen by your clients and potential

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