#1 Getting rid of inactive/ghost followers by Mark 25.02.2017 14:10



I was thinking about whether anybody knew about a bot
on the other hand strategy for distinguishing adherents of an
Instagram account that don't effectively draw in with the page/posts?
For instance, profile X has not enjoyed or remarked on any of my last 50 photographs.
Accordingly I would rather piece/unblock
them to stop them taking after my page.
I wouldn't fret obstructing these records
physically as my record is really little be that as it may I simply don't have the foggiest idea about a way (other than experiencing my preferences/remarks physically) of distinguishing these records.

Any recommendations?

#2 RE: Getting rid of inactive/ghost followers by Brackhaus 25.02.2017 21:12


i take advantage of an app referred to as fans+ which
collects facts on your fans.The paid
version claims to become aware of ghost fans
in conjunction with a sh*tload of different cool
capabilities for as little as $zero.99/month.
clearly forgot approximately this app till I saw
your thread, so thank you .

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