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Do you ever think of starting a blog or you have a blog already but working up and down on your blog with no positive result make you more lazier take a look at this list and get inspire maybe in the next few years you may get up to that “daily income ” or sell your blog up to this amount good luck.
Ugo.com – Sold For: $100 million
Founded: 1997
Year of Sale: 2007
Approximate Daily Worth: $27,397
The website Ugo was founded in 1997 as
Unified Gamers Online (UGO) by Chris
Sherman.Action World Inc. bought them very
early on and decided to rename the business.
They changed the name to UGO Networks,
however the name didn’t stick for long as it was
once again changed to Online Underground.
Eventually it was sold on to the Hearst
Corporation approximately $100 million.
#2 Fotolog – Sold For: $90 million
Founded: 2002
Year of Sale: 2007
Approximate Daily Worth: $49,315
Fotolog was founded by Scott Heiferman, in
2002, and unfortunately the site began to have
problems just 3yrs later in 2005 when the
amount of visitors and members started to
become too much for the websites servers. The
website itself currently receives over 20 million
unique visitors each month and was sold to Hi-
Media Group for the tidy sum of $90 Million.
#3 Consumersearch – Sold for: $33 million
Founded: 1999
Year of Sale: 2007
Approximate Daily Worth: $11,301
Consumersearch was founded by co-founders
Derek grew and Carl Harmaan in 1999, the pair
also owned a privately held corporation at the
time. The website sold for a huge $33 million
and the news was first released by the New
York Times Co. The buyers, About.com are also
owned by the New York Times Co. In 2009 the
website was honored in the 13th annual webby
awards competition.
#4 TechCrunch – Sold for: $30 million
Founded: 2005
Year of Sale: 2010
Daily Worth: $16,438
TechCrunch is a very well-known website
publication, which is well grounded within the
technology and gadget niche’s. The blog was
first founded in 2005 by Michael Arrington, and
the first time it was published live online was on
June 11, 2005. It’s astonishing that in just five
years Michael had created such a unique
website which was full of valuable content and
managed to sell the website for a total of $30
million to AOL.
#5 PaidContent – Sold for: $30 million
Founded: 2002
Year of Sale: 2008
Daily Worth: $13698
Paidcontent was founded by Rafat Ali, in 2002,
and was basically an online resource for;
information, analysis and news. Rafat Ali the
founder of the website, was a journalist and so
the website itself was a natural progression for
him. In the end the website was eventually
brought out by Guardian Media Group $30
Million (2008) Ali Rafat however is still part of
the website, and is currently working for the
company as an editor.
#6 Tatter and Company – Sold for: $30
Founded: 2002
Year of Sale: 2008
Approximate Daily Worth: $13698
Tatter and Company or TNC as it is also known,
was founded by Chang-Won Kim and Chester
Roh, they formed the company in 2002. Tatter
and Company itself was and still is a blogging
platform for the Korean nation. I’m sure it is not
a major surprise that the company was
purchased by Google for the sum of $30 Million,
in 2008.
#7 Ars Technica – Sold for: $25 million
Founded: 1998
Year of Sale: 2008
Approximate Daily Worth: $6849
Ars Technica was founded by Ken Fisher, in
1998 and quickly became one of the top and
most authoritative blogs with the technology
industry. The site provided a great amount of
news and sometimes reviews on their chosen
niche. The website was purchased by Conde
Nast Publications for $25 Million in 2008, a
decade since the year it was founded.
#8 Weblogs.com – Sold for: $25 million
Founded: 2003
Year of Sale: 2005
Approximate Daily Worth: $34,722
Weblogs Inc was created by Brian Alvey and
Jason Calcanis in 2003, with the help of an
investment from Mark Cuban. In the early days
the business was initially set up for professional
readership, they also had a number of other
websites running alongside Weblogs, in fact
there were approximately a dozen websites in
total. Weblogs was purchased in 2005 by AOL to
the tidy sum of $25 Million.
#9 Livejournal.com – Sold for: $25 million
Founded: 1999
Year of Sale: 2007
Approximate Daily Worth: $8561
LiveJournal just as the name suggests was a
virtual community where users could keep a
blog or an online digital diary, through their free
open source server technology. They didn’t stop
there though, they had the software allowing
users to easily create blogs and diaries online
they even allowed for calendars, polls, and even
have guest writers. The website sold for
approximately $ 25 million to Six Apart in 2007.
#10 Bankaholic.com – Sold for: $15 million
Founded: 2006
Year of Sale: 2008
Approximate Daily Worth: $20547
Bankaholic is the creation of founder John Wu
who also created CB Land Investments. The
website itself was an online banking
marketplace which basically provided its
customers with credit card offers as well as
interest rates and personal financial advice. The
website eventually sold for $15 Million to
BankRate and now has a hefty team of banking
and financial professionals behind it so who
knows where it could go? maybe it will be worth
double the amount in a year or so.

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