#1 Auto Traffic ETC by marketer20 15.02.2017 15:12


Does Auto Traffic Programs push you
site higher in the ranks ?
As i may get around 10000 hits to my
site does it help, or do they have to be
real people looking at my site ?

#2 RE: Auto Traffic ETC by Samlowan 15.02.2017 15:17


The way I got ranked in the Top 10
Positions,on Google,AOL,Yahoo & MSN
Search Engines,within 24 Hours;was to
Submit My Website Link, to My 500
Friends on Myspace.A Few ,have over 1
Million People,on their Friends List.That
got Me Millions of Backlinks,to My
Website & alot more Traffic & Sales of
My Products.I'm writing a eBook Now;
with 450 Celebrity Profiles on Myspace
in it & If You add them to your Myspace
Friends List & submit your Website Link
to them all;with a Myspace Adder Bot
Software; You'll get over a Billion
Backlinks & Number 1 Position,on all the
Search Engines,More Traffic & more
Money.I'll be selling the eBook for $5 ;
or i'll;do the Submitting for You, for $
10.Let Me know;if You're interested,by
sending Me a Message or e-mail.

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