#1 Which dev platform for cloud development? by eRicdirect 12.02.2017 06:27

I've done C, php, VB, etc. but have been
out of the game for a while. What
platform is best (and cheap) to develop
for the cloud. (ie AWS).
Business related apps. Being able to use
a tablet as well as a desktop would be
Thanks for any advice.

#2 RE: Which dev platform for cloud development? by JimLad1 17.05.2017 07:51


depends on which cloud platform as well. You also have to consider are you asking about developing for PaaS or IaaS or SaaS? or other? Heroku, AWS, Docker? Javascript is a big one, AngularJS, NodeJS. Ruby/RoR are big time players too. Then you also have your PHP frameworks which deploy like butter to services, symfony, etc. Are you going to be doing CI/CD with it?

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